Semarang 10K FAQ

When will Semarang 10K be held?

Semarang 10K will be held on December 15th, 2019

Where will the location of the Semarang 10K race be held?

The location of the competition Semarang City Hall, Jalan Pemuda No. 148 Sekayu Semarang Tengah, Semarang City.

What time will the race start?

The race will start at 06:00 WIB

What are the race categories that will be contested?

The race category to be contested is 10K Open/International, 10K National, and 10K Student.

How to register for Semarang 10K?

You can register at www.semarang10k.com while the registration time and quota are still available.

When is registration open?

Registration start at 15th October 2019 and will be closed at 30th November 2019, as long as the quota is still available.

You can see all registration information updates through the official Instagram account of race and also through this website.

What is the requirement for Semarang 10K participation?

10K Open category is open to participants of all citizens/nationality. 10K National category is only for Indonesian citizen. 10K Student category is only for Indonesian Student with minimum age 14 years old and maximum 17 years old on the race day.

What is the age requirement of participants who want to participate in Semarang 10K?

Participants who wish to participate in Semarang 10K are participants with minimum age of 14 years old and maximum 85 years old on the race day (15th December 2019).

What if the foreign citizen participate in Semarang 10K?

Participants of foreign nationals must participate in the 10K Open category and are eligible to win the podium.

How much is the registration fee of Semarang 10K?

Registration fee is as below:

  • 10K Open & 10K National: IDR 200.000/person
  • 10K Group Registration: IDR 150.000/person (for groups with a minimum of 5 participants)
  • 10K Student: IDR 100.000/person

Is there a special price for group registration?

Yes, there will be a special price for group registration of 5 registrants for IDR 750.000 (a saving of IDR 50.000/person)

For group registration programs, do the members that registered must be from the same community?

No. Members of the group, don’t have to be from the same community.

For group registration programs, is it valid for participants that will apply for Open & Student race category?

No. Group registration is only valid for participants who will take part in the National category competition.

What if a student participant wants to participate in Semarang 10K?

Students aged 14 to 17 years on race day (15 December 2019) are entitled to join in the Student Category. Students who are over 17 years of age on race day are not eligible to participate in the Student Category. Student status must be proven by showing a student card or certificate from the school when taking race packs and when verified to be a winner.

What will I get for my participation in Semarang 10K?

  • Slot to race in Semarang 10K.
  • Jersey exclusive
  • Bib/race number
  • Timing tag
  • Race bag
  • Race Guide

What is the sizing of the Semarang 10K race t-shirt?

Here is the size chart table for the official race t-shirt. This information can also be seen on the online registration form.


What if the jersey does not fit me? Would I still be able to participate? Can I exchange the t-shirt to one that fits me?

Upon registration, please make sure you select the correct shirt size. Size chart table is available upon registration. T-shirt exchange request during the race pack collection will not be entertained.

How do I know if my registration has been received?

When registration and payment has been successfully done, confirmation will be sent to your email. Make sure you enter the correct email address.

If I already registered, may I decide to withdraw from Semarang 10K?

Yes. You may withdraw from the race. Registration fee is not refundable, but you are still entitled to a race package that can be taken as scheduled.

What is the withdrawal policy of Semarang 10K?

Participant who withdraw from participation on race day will not receive any refund of registration, and race entry registered under the participant’s name may not be transferred.

Can I change the category after I am registered?

You are not allowed to change category once you are registered. If you want to compete in a different category (Open to National category or otherwise), you have to start a new registration.

Can I make changes to the information submitted through registration?

Yes. Data changes are allowed as long as registration is still open. Data change can be done by submitting an email to info@semarang10k.com along with information that needs to be changed. Committee reserves the right to contact participant and validate the new changes. Data changes may not include the name of participant and size of the shirt.

What if the registration email confirmation was deleted unintentionally?

Please send and email to info@semarang10k.com. We will resend the registration confirmation email.

What method of payments are used in registering for the Semarang 10K?

Method of payment accepted in Semarang 10K are credit card and bank transfer. Participant who does not own a credit card can pay using the bank transfer method.

Where and when may I collect my race pack?

All participants need to collect the race pack during the race pack collection period on 13rd December 2019 at 10.00 AM – 08.00 PM and 14th December 2019 at 10.00 AM – 06.00 PM. Racepack Collection location will be held at Oudetrap (Kota Lama Semarang).

What document must I bring to collect my race pack?

  • Proof of identification such as KTP/SIM/Student ID/Passport/KITAS
  • Digital or printed registration confirmation.
  • PARENTAL CONSENT LETTER for participants under 17 years old. A template of the letter can be downloaded here.

Is the race pack collection required for all participant?

Yes. Inside the Semarang 10K race pack, there are bib number, and timing chip. They must be worn during the race.

Can I ask someone to collect my race pack?

Yes. You can ask someone else to collect the race pack by having that person bring the printed registration confirmation along with your copy of identification and a letter of authorization. The letter of authorization format can be downloaded here.

A representative may collect a maximum of 3 (three) race pack in 1 (one) queueing.

Are there any specific requirements for collect race pack for Students category participant?

For students category, it is mandatory to bring copy of Student Card or student certificates from the school. Also you can attach a letter of recommendation from the school or PASI.

Can the race pack be collected on race day?


How many participants will race in Semarang 10K?

It’s estimated to be around 2000 runners at Semarang 10K.

Will there be a bag deposit location at the race central?

Yes. A bag deposit location will be available at the race central, on the grounds of Balai Kota Semarang.

Does the timing tag need to be returned after the end of the race?


What is the race course like?

The race course will use the roads around the city and passing the icon of Semarang. A detailed run course will be published on the Semarang 10K Website and official social media account, soon.

What is the maximum time to complete the race?

The race cut-off-time is two hours and fifteen minutes (2 hours, 15 minutes). Participants who cannot complete the course in 2 hours and fifteen minutes may be collected using an evacuation vehicles provided by the committee.

What will I receive upon the completion of the race?

Participants who cross the finish line before the cut-off time are entitled to receive a finisher medal. Participant that did not finish race or participants cross the finish line after the cut-off-time (COT) will not receive finisher’s medal.

Is there any drink available during the race?

Electrolytes and mineral water will be served in 4 hydration point location throughout the course and at refreshments area after the finish line.

Can I bring my pet on course?

No. Pet is not allowed on race venue and race course.

Is participant allowed to roller skate or baby carriage during the race?

No. It not allowed on race course.

What prizes are contested?

Participants who register in the 10K Open Category, they will compete for the Open / International podium. Participants who register in 10K National Category will compete for National podiums. 10K National participants who are 40 years of age or older (on the race day) also have the opportunity to compete for the National Master 40+ podium.

Will prizes be handed to podium winners of each category?

Prizes will be handed to winners of the Open (Indonesian and foreign nationals) and National (Indonesian Citizen Only- Must show KTP). Prizes will be handed to winners of the Students. As well as National Master 40+ winner prizes that are National to Indonesian citizens (KTP owners) who register on 10K National. Information on prizes can be seen on the official race website.

What is a Podium Master 40+ Prize in 10K National?

Indonesian citizens who register in the 10K National category and are 40 years or older on race day, do not get the main podium in 10K National, reserves the right to compete for Podium Master 40+. There is only one podium that can be contested.

Will there be road closures during the race?

Yes. Road closures will be done on the course, supported by the local police and transportation authority.

Will parking spaces be available near the race area?

The committee will make available parking spaces for the race. Participants are not allowed to park on the street along the race course. Information on parking spaces will be made available on the website or on the official race guide to be handed during the race pack collection.

Who is the race organizer of Semarang 10K Run?

Semarang 10K is organized by Kompas.

Where can I get more information on Semarang 10K?

Detailed information on the race can be accessed on the official race website,  www.semarang10k.com

Is there contact information to be reached to receive more information about the race?

Email: info@semarang10k.com

Instagram: @semarang10K

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